Cloud under the Couch

There’s a cloud trapped under Auntie Sylvia’s couch! It’s not the usual atmospheric type, but rather a simple pile of fluff. However, the ambitious Pol doesn’t seem to mind. All that matters to her is setting the cloud free!
Auntie Sylvia has a cunning plan that involves creating a device to send the cloud back up to the sky. The two of them set to work. After an excellent team effort, the time has come to go up to the roof terrace for the launch. Pol begins a speech that’s full of pathos, rhetoric, and a good dose of self-aggrandisement. Auntie Sylvia activates the ingenious device and, at last, the “Cloud” rises to the sky to join the other clouds. Pol is delighted and thanks Auntie Sylvia in her own unique way. Once their mission seems complete and the well-deserved glory is set to last forever, Pol’s mother reveals that there are other “Clouds” in need of her help…


The two imaginary friends, Pip and Pod, live happily amid existential crises, hair-brained activities and fits of laughter. Their nonsensical, frivolous and comical existence is made special by a true and lasting friendship.

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Anita’s Incredible Adventures in the Kingdom of Scratchy

This is Anita: a bespectacled girl with goofy teeth. She will need a lot of bravery and all the audacity suggested by her bright stripy socks and shock of red hair. The Boredom Spirit has taken up residence in her wardrobe and has threatened to slowly envelop her in the inexorable coils of his long beard, trapping her forever in his boredom. No fairy-godmother nor knight in shining armour will come to her rescue; but Anita doesn’t need them anyway. She will soon discover that she possesses her own extraordinary weapon: a boundless imagination. It will carry her off into an amazing world, leading her to the kingdom of the terrible Scratchy, an unstable and ferocious dragon that mercilessly tyrannises and torments his people, a people left to their destiny by the cowardly fugitive, King Emanuellous. Struck by the injustice of it all, Anita decides to fight for the freedom of the people. Trusting her own potential, she knows that her imagination can give her the cunning that little people always need to defeat the powerful.

Anita and the quest for Jackhammer’s treasure

A wave of impetuous rage has swept over Anita; a fury that seems truly indomitable. Unless… there might just be a way to subdue it: by opening up a trunk in her room that shakes as if possessed, then grappling with what’s inside – the most implacable character on Earth, the fearsomely cantankerous troublemaker, Pirate Jackhammer, who has sailed the seven seas in search of treasure and skirmishes since time began.
But Anita has all the audacity suggested by her bright stripy socks and shock of red hair. That’s how she dares to unlock the trunk and embark upon perilous and wild adventures in the underwater world. She will swim among real and mythological sea creatures. She will meet Fred, a rather deaf but nonetheless majestic parrot and boogie all night at the Mermaids’ rock concert. Above all, she will challenge the curmudgeonly, conceited and formidable Olympia. She’s a real know-all of an octopus who lashes out with her enormous tentacles when anyone bores her with dull and frivolous chit chat.
And all this just to get some peace and to silence the rowdy Jackhammer? No… not only that! Anita will rediscover the precious treasure which, deep down inside, we are all searching for…